Some times it happens that you wake up with a puffy face or sushi face.  There are multiple reasons for that; it could have been because of some facial injury, allergic reaction, some pressure on your face while sleeping. The swollen face causes red watering eyes, raised welts and swollen neck swelling as well. Facial swelling can be due to serious reason, therefore, the first thing you should do is see a doctor for that. The basic way to avoid facial swelling is finding out what are you allergic to. Symptoms of allergy first appear on the face because the facial skin is the most sensitive. Staying away from the basic allergens that can be either food or some medication. If you are allergic to some medication, you should avoid taking that and notify your doctor about that immediately. This article looks at what a person can do to avoid the puffy face.

  1. Avoid eating late at night and falling asleep right away: You should especially avoid eating carbohydrate and salt-rich food like cheese, milk, french fries, sushi, processed meat, ramen, pretzels, spicy condiments, and alcoholic beverages. If you want to keep your camera-ready look for a particular day, you should avoid these foods for a few days beforehand.
  2. Yoga and then face yoga: Bring out time for yoga and exercise in your daily routine for a healthy body. Daily cardio can make bloating go down as it increases the blood circulation. Moreover, including facial exercises in the yoga will strengthen the facial muscles which, in turn, will make your face appear toned.
  3. Jade Rolling: 

Jade roller increases blood circulation in the skin which can make your skin appear fresh and rejuvenated.

  1. Improve your eating habits: Increase the amount of ginger, garlic, fennel, and parsley in the diet. These ingredients thin down the blood which makes it easy for it to run in the vessels. Also, include more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet as they are rich in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and water content that keeps your body well hydrated.
  2. Medication: Medicines that contain corticosteroids reduce swelling. You should take this medication if you are having difficulties in breathing because of an allergic reaction as it opens airways in the nose and windpipe. Note: Always use medicine with a consultation with your doctor.
  3. Treatment with cold water: Coldwater or cool, damp cloth can give instant relief from swelling due to injury and itchiness. It squeezes blood vessels which can help with swelling. It can also relieve itchiness.
  4. Treatment with cleanliness: Small dust particles can cause facial swelling as well, therefore, keep things in the room clean and, if possible, keep windows closed. If you are waking up with a swollen face in the morning, it may be time to remove the carpet from the room and change the bedding. Moreover, always remember to wear a mask while dusting.
  5. Hay Fever: Pollen is one of the major reasons for the allergic reaction in the areas where there is a lot of vegetation. To avoid pollen allergy, keep an eye on pollen count. If it is high, cover your nose and face, and stay indoors. If it is getting worse, try taking an antihistamine and pay a visit to your doctor.
  6. Animals: If you are allergic to animals, avoiding going to the house where they have a pet. If a member of your family is keeping a pet, try to limit it to a specific area in the house or keep it outside the house. Avoid direct contact with it and wash or vacuum their bedding frequently.

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