Oily skin is not a bad thing. The oil keeps the skin moisturized, keeps it from drying and protects it from ageing. Most of the people who have oily skin believe it is more of a curse than a blessing. To keep excess shine at bay, we asked dermatologists for their best choices when it comes to making skin less oily and keeping blemishes at bay.

The Natural Solution

Natural ingredients work best for acne and rosacea. There are many skin-care products that contain sulfur that not only spot treat blemishes but also cover them up. Though sulfur smells bad, it is good for the skin. Sulfur acne treatment masks are available from many stores now. They work wonders on both clusters of blemishes and stubborn one-off bumps.

The Bacteria-killer

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the best ingredients to treat persistently oily skin. It is known for its ability to deal with the bacteria that cause acne breakouts. There are many products in the market that claim to have blemish-treating ingredients the best of these are ones with 5 per cent benzoyl peroxide.

The Acne Zapper

Oily skin benefits greatly from salicylic acid which gently exfoliates, reduces sebum and improves acne. Salicylic acid is used in several forms like cleanser, spot treatment, topical or in-office salicylic peel. Also, the acid is attracted to the oil in the sebaceous follicles.

The gentle exfoliant

Lactic acid can help maintain not only oily skin or blemishes but all skin types. It hydrates, delivers a light peel effect and treats blemishes to correct any skin imperfections without irritation. It is a gentle but powerful exfoliator that decongests and refines skin without sensitivity.

The oil-eliminator

Kaolin is a naturally occurring ingredient that is found in white clay. It helps absorb oil and help you achieve matte skin. A clay mask is the best solution for excessive sebum. It is recommended to use a clay mask at least once a week to absorb the excess oil. If the clay mask doesn’t suit your lifestyle, you can use white clay swipe-and+go pad for easy and quick treatment.

The skin-perfector

Retinol also is known as the gold standard of skincare is great for those with oily skin. It shrinks oil glands and pushes up the dead skin cells. It is the best ingredient that helps you achieve skin that glows, not shines.

The Blemish-buster

Glycolic acid is known for treating acne. It is the smallest molecule of the AHA family that penetrates the skin’s surface and works deeply. Glycolic acid is available in many forms such as creams, lotions, and peels. It is equally beneficial in every form. It reduces excess oil and prevents the pores from clogging that results in breakouts.

Aside from clearing up clogged pores, the acid also smoothens out a rough texture. Also, glycolic acid peels are good exfoliators.  


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